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Have you ever been in a waiting room with nothing to do but read outdated magazines. I wish to change that with something more timeless. I want to share my passion for photography and spread a message of hope by showing a unique portfolio of my images and words from some of the world's greatest minds. I plan on placing limited editions of my portfolio in places where people have time to enjoy them, such as a Doctor's/Dentist's waiting rooms,  Barber shops, and Automotive service centers. Just about any where people need to sit and wait.  With your help I will be able to show my work to a wider audience The generous contributions that you  provide  will go to the processing cost of these one of a kind hardback portfolio books.
To show my work the way I want to show it, I will need approximately $750.00, Each  portfolio will cost $29.99. I will be using, If I don't  reach this goal, I'll use what I do receive toward the purchase of a new camera,I have been using the same Nikon D40 since 2008  and although the camera has produced some  amazing  images, it is beginning to fail. For a $10 contribution I offer my sincere appriciation and an invitation to view and enjoy a portion of my work found at At the $25 level I will send you a group of 10 4x6 prints and at $100 you will receive one of five, signed limited edition Portfolios. These portfolios are similar to the portfolios that will be distributed but will contain alternate images and text. 

I hope that you can help me get this campaign off the ground. Please  spread the word about my portfolio,   get the word out and make some noise about your campaign. There are some easy to use share tools right here at this site

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